Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What is the current level of play at the academy?
Answer: We were fortunate to have launched the program with a very strong field of players. We have in the past and continue to host a number of higher level international players to enhance the quality of play for the membership. The Academy is also composed of a number of local talent, some of whom compete at National level tournaments. 
Question: With several coaches involved, I am concerned with conflicting information about my game.

Answer: Auggie Guimaraes, the Head coach, designs and closely manages all aspects of the instructional information communicated to Academy players.
Question: With respect to the long term outlook for the players' development, what should the players expect?

Answer: The Academy will provide its membership with the training tools to grow and compete in the sport. Our objective is for each individual player to achieve his/her potential, whatever that potential may be. One of our goals is to insure each player will be positioned to compete for many team-related opportunities available through the educational system. 

Question: What benefits does the Academy really offer and what should I expect?

Answer: The Academy provides its membership with virtually unlimited court time. Amongst the offers are: weekly organized sessions (Monday-Sunday) and use of the fitness facilities; ball machine use; mentoring of tournament schedules; USTA point system advice; competition/ranking and directing a pathway to higher level tournaments. 

Question: How will the groups be organized? Who would my child be paired-up with?

Answer: The Academy will place emphasis on competition. Each player will compete for a position on court. The courts will be organized from weaker to stronger and players (regardless of age or gender) will compete for positions every day.
Question: Are private lessons included in the membership?

Answer: No, private lessons are offered and charged separately from the Academy membership offer; however, during organized Academy sessions participants will receive significant amounts of instruction from the coaches running each session. 

Question: Are the players required to stay at the club for the whole academy session?

Answer: The players are not required to stay for the length of the sessions. The courts are open for play throughout the academy and all players are welcome to come and go at any time. If your child does not wish to participate on a certain day, we ask that you refrain from bringing your child. We are not a “babysitting service” and the academy is not designed to entertain your child. In fact, our goal is to work them…hard. We do encourage players to bring homework as needed, as we do provide an area where they may study while waiting for pick up or before going on court. 
Question: What is the payment system in regards to the academy? Can you pay for just a drop in or weekly?
Answer: All questions associated with payments are directed to Melissa Brown. 
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